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BGA BogaGrip
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BogaGrip -  The Original and Rolls Royce of Lip Grips

LifeTime Warranty

BogaGrip is the original highest-quality, time-tested, saltwater-tough, fish landing, handling and weighing tool.  The BogaGrip is designed to promote 'catch and release fishing,' as it will land and handle and release fish quickly without injury to the fish. The BogaGrip also affords an easy opportunity to inspect and take pictures of the fish. Since it doesn't wipe off the protective slime nor puncture the fish, and allows the fish to be quickly returned to the water, fish that are handled and released using the BogaGrip are more likely to survive.

The BogaGrip is particularly good for handling fish in cold weather, or hard-to-handle fish such as toothy fish, slimy fish, or fish that are likely to fin or cut a fisherman. It also keeps a fisherman's hand at a safer distance from hooks.

BogaGrip avoids removing the protective coating from fish and lessens the time a fish is out of water, a critical factor in survival of released fish. Fish are safely controlled by securing the fish's jaw, allowing fish to be easily measured, and hooks safely removed.

The BogaGrip features easy, one-hand operation and will accurately weigh fish. The rotating spring scale is an essential mechanisim protecting both angler and fish, by absorbing fish movement, which in an otherwise rigid grip would transmit entirely to the fish.

The BogaGrip is very saltwater resistant. It is ideal for the wade and bank fisherman, as it clips nicely to a fisherman's apparel; but it is equally at home in a boat. The BogaGrip is built to handle fish weighing double its scale capacity. The BogaGrip’s accurate and durable scales can be certified by IGFA for your potential world record catches. 

StrikeBack Tackle is the Australian distributor for Bogagrip and Boga Bracket.


The BogaGrip is available in three models:
Model 315: The scale weighs fish up to15 pounds in 1/4-pound increments. 
It is 9 inches long and weighs 9 ounces.

Recommended Retail Price $249


Model 130:  The scale weighs fish up to 30 pounds in 1/2-pound increments. 
It is 10 3/4 inches long and weighs 1 pound.

Recommended Retail Price $249


Model 260: The scale weighs fish up to 60 pounds in 1/2-pound increments. 
It is 15 inches long and weighs 1 1/2 pounds.
Recommended Retail Price $499
Deep Blue Boga Bracket
Recommended Retail Price $39

StrikeBack Tackle is the Australian, New Zealand and PNG distributor of BogaGrip. To become a BogaGrip stockist contact us at bogagrip@strikebacktackle.com.au

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 Image  Package Variation  Aust. GST Price Price  International Non Tax  Add
15lb BogaGrip Model 315 AUD$299.00 AUD$271.82 (CUR)
30lb BogaGrip Model 130 AUD$299.00 AUD$271.82 (CUR)
60lb BogaGrip Model 260 AUD$599.00 AUD$544.54 (CUR)
Boga Bracket AUD$39.00 AUD$35.45 (CUR)
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