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View Pure Oxygen Livewell Keeper
OXY2 Pure Oxygen Livewell Keeper
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Pure Oxygen Livewell Keeper

THE OXYGENATOR is designed for 10-32 gallons of water. THE OXYGENATOR operates with an on/off cycle and runs totally silent. You will not hear it operate. THE OXYGENATOR will only operate when fully submerged in water. If you forget to turn it off when you drain the livewell no harm will come to the unit and it will not drain your battery. THE OXYGENATOR will NOT create a highly visible bubble action. Bubbles generated by THE OXYGENATOR are nano-bubbles and are so small they are difficult to see. Fish action in the livewell will make the bubbles invisible, however the unit will still be generating oxygen. Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water, so oxygen must be added to warm water more frequently to maintain proper levels of dissolved oxygen. THE OXYGENATOR contains a temperature sensor that tells the unit how much oxygen to produce based on water temperature. You will not have to make any adjustments. Simply turn on the unit and go fishing!

THE OXYGENATOR is designed for FRESH WATER use only. DO NOT use the unit in salt-water applications. Use of salt or additives containing salt MUST BE AVOIDED. Adding pure oxygen to your livewell reduces stress in your fish, so these additives are not typically required.

Fish create CO2 during respiration and excrete waste (ammonia) during storage in your livewell. These wastes must be eliminated from the water. To remove CO2, run the livewell re-circulation pump for about one minute every 30 minutes, or set the timer on minimum. Ammonia can be removed by replacing some water in the livewell every 2-3 hours.

The Livewell Keeper can be attached to the bottom of your livewell with either a hook and loop fastener or any number of silicone glues. Drill a small hole at the top of your livewell wall and run the cable through the hole and attach directly to your cranking battery. (Do Not crimp the cable in your livewell cover)

Saltwater units are in development and expected mid 2006.

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