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JIN2 Jinkai Plus
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Jinkai Plus

JINKAI Premium Quality Fishing Gear

Jinkai Plus is a new formulation and technology not intended
to replace the existing Jinkai. Jinkai Plus was deliberately
manufactured to be exactly the same diameter in all sizes as the
existing Jinkai and therefore we still only need the same set of
pliers, crimps and accessories for both products.

Jinkai Plus is clearer and this becomes more evident as the
diameter increases. Japanese testing specifies an increase in
breaking strain for a given diameter. Australian testing has
shown increase in abrasion resistance.


What is evident is that Jinkai Plus it is not as supple as traditional
Jinkai and it is both a plus and a minus, relative to what a
fisherperson is doing and he or she will choose for themselves.
Jinkai Plus has shown more improved results in mangroves, over
coral and on those nasty critters like mangrove jacks, barra and
toothies liked spotted and Spanish mackerel. Dropper leads made
from slightly stiffer Jinkai Plus, provide added advantages.


It is an established policy of John Bryant of Osaka Tackle, the
Australian distributor of Jinkai, that it is feedback from the general
fishing public, which informs his public statements of claim regarding
the qualities of Jinkai. In supporting this approach and aiding the
continued development of Jinkai, StrikeBack Tackle welcomes any

and all feedback on this great product.


At the request of John Bryant from Osaka Tackle we personally
Jinkai Plus while barra fishing at the Arnhemland Barrumundi
Nature Lodge. Most other leaders are porous and absorb water
so become opaque and more buoyant after a short time.
We found
Jinkai Plus remained clear long after we needed to
change our

We have no hesitation in recommending Jinkai Plus to all our customers.

If you like flurocarbon try Jinkai Plus.

 Image  Package Variation  Aust. GST Price Price  International Non Tax  Add
Jinkai Plus 20 lb x 50 Metres AUD$13.95 AUD$12.68 (CUR)
Jinkai Plus 30 lb x 50 Metres AUD$14.95 AUD$13.59 (CUR)
Jinkai Plus 40 lb x 50 Metres AUD$15.95 AUD$14.50 (CUR)
Jinkai Plus 60 lb x 50 Metres AUD$17.75 AUD$16.14 (CUR)
Jinkai Plus 80 lb x 50 metres AUD$19.35 AUD$17.59 (CUR)
Jinkai Plus 100 lb x 50 Metres AUD$22.90 AUD$20.82 (CUR)
Jinkai Plus 120 lb x 50 Metres AUD$24.65 AUD$22.41 (CUR)
Jinkai Aluminium Crimps 60-150 lb AUD$7.95 AUD$7.23 (CUR)
Jinkai Crimping Pliers AUD$69.95 AUD$63.59 (CUR)
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