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View StrikeBlack - Graphite StrikeBack Retriever
LRU.6.0 StrikeBlack - Graphite StrikeBack Retriever
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StrikeBlack - Graphite StrikeBack Retriever


StrikeBlack Ultra

StrikeBlack is a graphite/carbon fibre StrikeBack Lure Retriever. 

Each 1.5 metre (5 foot) section weighs only 110 grams and is 8mm in diameter. For comparison, it weighs less than the Billabong but is 50% stiffer than the Top Ender.

It is the Rolls Royce of StrikeBack Retrievers. StrikeBlack is ultra light, ultra thin and ultra stiff. This makes the StrikeBlack the ultimate lure retriever for high retrieves out of trees, the swiftest current or when prodding for line to recover fish snagged deep. It is ultra light for walking the bank.

Graphite rods come at a price many times the cost of normal fibreglass. We offer the StrikeBlack as a special product for the lure fisherperson who wants the ultimate in lure retrievers.

Caution - This is a solid graphite rod and is electrically conductive. So as with graphite fishing rods, take care during electrical storms and around power lines.


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 Image  Package Variation  Aust. GST Price Price  International Non Tax  Add
StrikeBlack - 3 Metre AUD$139.00 AUD$126.36 (CUR)
StrikeBlack - 4.5 Metre AUD$189.00 AUD$171.82 (CUR)
StrikeBlack - 6 Metre AUD$235.00 AUD$213.64 (CUR)
StrikeBlack - 7.5 Metre AUD$275.00 AUD$250.00 (CUR)
StrikeBlack - 9 Metre AUD$315.00 AUD$286.36 (CUR)
StrikeBlack 1.5 metre Extension AUD$55.00 AUD$50.00 (CUR)
StrikeBlack Coil Section AUD$84.00 AUD$76.36 (CUR)
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