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StrikeBack Hook Removers
(Patent Pending and Registered Design)

Evolved from the StrikeBack Lure Retriever. The unique design of our fish hook removers dislodges, internally and externally embedded hooks, then shields hook points, to prevent re-embedding of hook on removal.
Attaches to line in one easy action; staying attached till hooks are removed.

the best hook removers you will ever use
Small view in tackle shop

the best hook removers you will ever use
Large view in tackle shop

StrikeBack Hook Removers: Small (pending) and Large Fish 
  • The best hook removers you will ever useNon-corroding marine grade 316 stainless steel with polished points
  • Plastic handles contoured for grip and protection
  • 180 mm (7 inches) to handle smaller bread and butter fish, such as herring, whiting, skippy, etc
  • 300 mm (12 inches) for larger snapper, jewfish, etc.

StrikeBack BlueWater Hook Remover

  • 1.7 metre (6 foot) for serious bluewater sports fishing. Ideal for "catch and release". Designed to release fish at the side of the boat. Suited to Billfish, shark and other large pelagics.

StrikeBack Shields Hook Points

All StrikeBack Hook Removers, are designed to shield point of hook on removal to prevent hook from re-engaging into fish. Appling tension, and hook slides to base of coil. Hook point, automatically aligns with shaft, preventing re-engagement

the best hook removers you will ever use

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