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StrikeBlack - Graphite StrikeBack Lure Retriever Now Here 

Check out Koolabung Fizzers and Bony Bream Lures

Possibly the best lure for Australian
species and Australian conditions 

Check out why!


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Eastaboga Tackle
BogaGrip 315 15lb BogaGrip - Bass, flathead and smaller species
BogaGrip 130 30lb BogaGrip - Great all-rounder
BogaGrip 260 60lb BogaGrip - Murray cod, barra and offshore species
Boga Bracket Deep Blue Boga Bracket for storage of BogaGrip
Strikeback Tackle
StrikeBack Retrievers Billabong - Depths in 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5 & 9mtr
Top Ender - Depths in 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5 & 9mtr
Retriever Extensions Billabong - 1.5mtr extensions
Top Ender - 1.5mtr extensions
Hook Removers Small - Small fish hook remover (Pending)
Large - Large fish hook remover
StrikeBack Iki Jimi Spikes Small  - Stainless Steel Iki Jimi for smaller fish (Pending)
Large - Stainless steel Iki Jimi for large fish
  The Montys The Monty and Full Monty - New design can and stubby holders
Jackall Bros. Lures
  Click here for Colour Chart
TN50/60/70 Well Known Bream and Bass Sinking Lipless Crankbaits
Doozer Barra Bait
Mask Vib Hybrid Hard Soft Lipless Crankbait
  Smash Minnow Suspending Super Rolling Action Bait
  Chubby Killer Bream Lures
  Tiny Frys Deep Diving Minnow
   Classic Barra Lures
  Classic 120 Deep 10 and 15 feet Depth
  Warlock New Sonic Amplifying Panels
  Dr Evil Compact Deep Diving Cod and Barra Lure
  Classic F18 Manta Ray 18 Feet Depth
   Koolabung Lures Koolabung Bony Bream Lures
Deep Blue Marine Polymer Boating Equipment
Bait/Filleting Table Both large and medium bait/filleting tables for boats
   Shark Shield  
   Freedom 7   Swimming, snorkelling, scuba and Surf
   Freedom Surf   Surf
   Mariner   Boat, pontoon, jetty, commercial diving
   Premium Fishing Leader

 Finest quality fishing leader
 Now Jinkai Plus

   Hell Fish T- Shirts  
   "Fish with Attitude" T Shirts  Finest quality screen printed fish species T-Shirts
   Sebek Leather  
   Saltwater Crocodile Belts  Crocodile Hornback Belts
   Truth Mat StrikeBack Truth Mat


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Hell Fish "Fish with Attitude" T Shirts



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