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 Classic F18  Manta Ray



 Rob Gaden has perfected the “Manta Ray” bib to get this slim profile lure down below 18 ft. on the troll. As a result the lure is also a crash diver when casting, getting down below 8 ft. when retrieving an average cast. This lure has undergone 2 months of exhaustive testing by the staff at Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge in Maningrida N.T. and come through with flying colours.  
Because the lure is bib towed, we needed to develop an industry benchmark fixing system for the bib which did not involve glue. The result was the revolutionary “TwinPin ChinLock” system which uses two Stainless Steel pins to permantly hold the bib in place. This means perfect alignment every time.

   TwinPin ChinLock System

Rob Gaden has developed this revolutionary bib fixing system which will be used initially in the Classic F18 & Classic F18 Manta Ray. 
The System uses two stainless steel pins which pass from the chin of the lure, through the bib and into the head. This extremely strong system also ensures that the lure swims straight & true right out of the box.

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