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 Classic Barra by Rob Gaden


Famous Australian lure designer and angler, Rob Gaden, is the father of this impressive range of lures. Classic Lures are aimed fair and square at the Barramundi market – a field in which these lures excel. Classic lures consistently win barramundi tournaments for anglers, mainly due to the fact that there’s a Classic Lure for each and every barra scenario – the 30 colours plus in the range see to that. The strongest feature of the Classic 120 is that is user friendly and swims straight & deep from first use. Being towed from the body and having an extremely stable shape, the Classic 120 hardly ever needs "tuning" after a big fish or lure retreiver hit. Even if it needs a tune this can be done by eye, not needing the micro adjustments of other "hungry" designs. 
The Classic 120 (at 120mm) is one of the Classic’s most popular barra trolling models. A 30 gram rattling lure fitted with three sets of strong trebles, there are three depth ratings 3+ feet, 10+ feet and 15+ feet. With classic 120s, you can cover every barra fishing situation – top to bottom. 

The Manta Ray is a deep diving Classic Lure.

The new Warlock is a large 125 mm lure with Sonic Amplification Panels to attract predator fish.

Dr Evil is a favourite compact cod and barra lure diving to 20 foot plus
The full range of colours available is displayed on the colour chart below. 

 To view colour chart Click here

To View deep diving Manta Ray, Classic Barra, Warlock and Dr Evil lures Click here


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