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Buy Bret Currie Caricatures
Buy Bret Currie Caricatures
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The Montys: Perfect Can and Stubby Holders
The Cooler Cooler
Des. Reg. 307833, 309838 and Pat. Pend.

The traditional stubby holder just got better

Want colder drinks? That's why we designed the Montys. 40 degree plus heat in the Kimberley in the North West of Australia, was the perspiration inspiration to design the perfect can and stubby holder for our favourite pastime, having a beer with your mates or just by yourself or for soft drinks and UDLs.

Why use half a stubby holder? 
                      Go all the way with The Monty, Full Monty  and Full Monty Sipper.

The Montys are no ordinary can and stubby holders.

Do you want a drinks holder that

  • keeps your beer colder, longer
  • is perfect for both cans and stubbies, soft drinks and UDLs
  • keeps insects and debris out of your can?
  • feels better in the hand

Then go all the way with the Montys Can and Stubby Holders. The Cooler Cooler!

 The new Monty or Traditional Design?


Unique mouth cut-out, means The Monty covers all the can and more of your stubbby.


Old design only covers part of the can and even less of a stubby.           



       The new Monty 


 Traditional Design





 Keep a Lid on it! with the Full Monty and Full Monty Sipper



Stop the sun belting down on your can, and keep bees, wasps and other insect pests out.

The Full Monty's self closing lid completely insulates your can from heat, insects and debris. Keeps drinks colder longer.




 Self Closing Lid




The Sipper
Eyelet in lid for drinking straw.
Keeps soft drinks and UDLs cold while you sip.


 The Montys with Bret Currie's Full Colour Fishing Cartoons



 The Monty can and stubby holders are combined with colour cartoons by Australia's Premier Fishing Cartoonist, Bret Currie.

Collect the whole set in the Barra, Bream, Bass and Currie's Country Series.
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 For businesses, clubs and fundraising 

Does your business or club want the latest promotional or fund raising product?

Want more promotional impact?

Want more advertising and logo space for the same cost?

Want a promotional product that has more value to your clients and customers?

Then we can print your graphics and logos on our Montys, click here


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