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 Koolabung Bony Bream Lures

Koolabung Bony Bream lures are possibly the best and most effective lure for Australian species and conditions because they:

  •  Imitate the major food source of our predator fish.
  •  Work at the right depth and speed.
  •  Are extremely snag resistant and work uninterrupted in the strike zone.
  •  Have a highly visible bony bream shape.
  •  Come in fish catching, not fisherman catching colours.

Koolabung Bonys are braining freshwater and estuarine species right across Australia, including barra, bass, bream, Murray cod, yellowbelly and mangrove jack because they are designed on the major principle of lure fishing - Matching the Hatch 

·        The staple diet of most predator sportfish throughout the rivers, billabongs and impoundments of Northern Australia and the Murray-Darling basin is Nematalosa erebi, the native Australian bony bream.

·        Eddie Studman designed Koolabung Bony Bream lures to imitate this major food source and successfully matched the hatch. 

Australian Bony Bream

Nematalosa erebi

Koolabung Bony Bream
Studman Eddiei



Having the best fish-attracting lure is one thing; consistently catching with it is another. Predator fish like big Murray cod, bass and barra, hang deep. Getting consistent strikes from these fish requires working lures in this deep, big fish strike zone. These fish respond to the slowest troll and retrieve, but most deep running floating lures require faster speeds with high rod pressure to reach deep holding fish, swim too fast to avoid snags and tempt consistent strikes and tend to instantly and solidly snag. Snags are often mistaken for strikes, with aglers striking and driving trebles even harder into snags. Trolling is stop-start and hard work with more time unsnagging lures than working them.  

Not so with Koolabung Bonys; they swim slow and deep, have excellent snag resistance, bump over snags and easily unsnag. Slower swimming Koolabung Bonys, allow anglers to feel snags coming and drop rod back or free spool to bounce over snags eliciting strikes. Snags rarely come on quickly, with anglers less likely to strike into snags. On the occasion a lure does snag, it is mostly bib caught and comes free with light backpressure. Koolabung Bonys are the perfect Australian lure, working longer in the deep snaggy strike zones where big fish like to hammer them!

 Koolabung Bonys:
·        Imitate Bony Bream, the major food source of our predator sportfish.
·        Troll comfortably with light rod pressure.
·        Swim slowly at the right depth.
·        Work longer in the strike zone.
·        Bump over snags for longer uninterrupted trolling.
·        Elicit strikes from irresistible bouncing action over snags.
·        Unsnag with backpressure for quicker return to fishing.
·        Are highly visible to predator fish.
·        Coloured and patterned to catch fish not fisherman.

These superb wooden bibbed floating lures are handcrafted in Australia for Australian species and Australian conditions. Each is hand shaped, individually tank tested and tuned, and assembled with highest quality towing clips for a strong reliable lure. They come in several sizes, depths and colours. They are only available in select stores with Eddie Studman struggling to keep up with demand. StrikeBack Tackle is proud to offer them here.

 Get some before the secret’s out.

Koolabung Fizzers

The fizzer with the best hook up rate!

Everyone who has tried fizzing is immediately addicted. This is heart stopping stuff. Fizzing results in powerful strikes but many misses, Koolabung fizzers have a hook up rate second to none. Coming soon.

Note: Serious fishing requires quality hardware and we supply Koolabung Lures without hooks and split rings and recommend fitting Owner trebles and Hyperwire split rings.

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