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Testing of Shark Shield


The electronic wave-form used in the Shark Shield™ is based on the technology of the Shark POD, an electronic shark deterrent product which was invented by the Natal Sharks Board of South Africa. The product was released on to the market in 1995 by POD Holdings Ltd, a joint venture company partly owned by the Natal Sharks Board. The Shark POD was subjected to years of testing prior to being launched, and has since been proven in the market place for several years.

Proof of the effect of this electronic wave-form lies in:

  • The Natal Sharks Board test programme, which was carried out by a group of scientists including physicists, marine biologists, electronic engineers and a large number of professional divers. Tests were carried out over three years in a number of locations around the world.
  • The SeaChange Technology test programme - Shark Shield™ products have been thoroughly tested in both South Africa and South Australia against Great Whites. Field testing involves attracting sharks using blood and offal, under stringently controlled conditions. The unit is turned on and placed into the water with fish bait attached, to attract the shark. The shark's behaviour is then observed and recorded as it investigates the food source. The testing conducted to date proves conclusively that sharks detest the effect the field has on them, and will keep a safe distance between themselves and the Shark Shield™. These tests involved independent marine biologists.
  • SeaChange has received many testimonials from users of both the Shark POD (which is now no longer produced) and the Shark Shield™, reporting situations where the technology has successfully deterred a range of sharks under varying conditions.
  • In addition to the above, Shark Shield™ has recently gained credibility by being issued with a NATO stock number. This involved a testing regime by the Australian military.
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