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Development History.
"Around 20 years ago I dived for lures in the freshwater billabongs of the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley region of Western Australia... then we found out about saltwater crocs!. First came some wire from an old fence line, then new steel rod with plastic tube over a loop, then some tent poles glued together and we added a coil.

20 years after the fencing wire and thousands of hours of development and field testing, the retrievers I made to get our lures back and avoid the crocs, evolved to the StrikeBack Lure Retriever". John Szymanski, inventor, designer and barra fisherman.

To our knowledge, StrikeBack is the only lure retriever to: 

  • utilize the lightness, strength and flexibility of fibreglass construction
  • incorporate a unique line attachment coil designed to instantly and securely attach to line
  • automatically attach to submerged line, and retrieve your snagged fish, and lures when line is snagged in several places

We have since designed various hook removers and other tackle, viewed in our SBT Product Tour and purchased from our Product Catalogues.

Superior performance-Long lasting construction

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