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The StrikeBack Line Attachment Coil is the business end of the retriever (Patent Pending and Registered Design).

Design Features

  • coil offset to the axis of the rod
  • just over one complete counter-clockwise upward rotation
  • coil set at an angle to the rod
  • end of the coil extending past the circumference of the coil
  • dimensionally strong to resist deformation
  • none of these features require any attention on the part of the user; retrieves are effortless and natural
  • instant, single action, single handed, line attachment
  • line doesn't come off during retrieves
  • instantly pushes lures free; no need to replace damaged hooks
  • strength to pull lure free without deforming coil
  • unique ability to automatically attach to submerged line to recover snagged fish and lures when line is snagged in several places
  • StrikeBack Lure Retriever offset coil, reduces line contact by keeping line clear of retriever shaft
  • gives a "clean feel" to the contact between the coil and line, assisting in sensing the position of the lure on the snags during difficult retrieves
  • presents the coil face in the best orientation to instantly dislodge lure

Line Attachment Devices on other Retrievers

  • Require two handed and more complicated attachment
  • Come off from line during retrieve
  • Waste valuable fishing time, attaching and unattaching line
  • Line becomes retricted between coil rotations or attachment mechanism
  • Some plastic, with moving parts to fail over time
  • Deform when "pulling" lures free

Recover Snagged Fish and Your Lure

The upward rotation of the StrikeBack coil, results in the unique ability to automatically attach to unseen, submerged line when fish take line into snags, and when line is snagged in several places.

Recovers your fish as well as the lure. See Strikeback Recovers Horse

With stronger braid in common use, snagged fish are more frequent and StrikeBack even busier.


2. On contact with line, lift StrikeBack.
      Shaft directs line into opening of coil

1. User, feels submerged line
as retriever contacts line

3. Continue to lift StrikeBack.
Line becomes fully engaged in coil

Coils ain't just Coils

The StrikeBack coil is crafted from 8 mm, high corrosion resistent marine grade aluminium. In most cases lures are instantly dislodged by a gentle prod. When required, the StrikeBack coil has sufficient strength to pull lures from snags without deforming. The coil is glued and screwed into position. In the unlikely event, the coil is damaged in any way it is easily replaced. StrikeBack guarantees to replace any coil damaged in normal use.

Finally, "when it comes to retrievers... coils ain't just coils".

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