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The Billabong is the original StrikeBack Retriever design, evolved over 20 years of barra fishing in still water conditions. It is best suited to freshwater impoundments and slow moving rivers. The StrikeBack "Top Ender" Retriever, was developed from the Billabong, to suit the run off from the Northern Australian wet and strong tidal conditions.

Canoe fishing is being enjoyed by more and more fishermen. With the 3 metre (10 feet) Billabong weighing only 325 grams or 3/4 of a pound, and breaking down to two, 1.5 metre (5 feet) sections, the Billabong is the lure retriever of choice for canoe fishing.

If riverbank fishing is your style, then the ultra weight Billabong is the ideal addition to your essential fishing tackle. Whether it is fly fishing or spinning for trout or salmon, don't walk the stream without a custom sized Billabong in your backpack. There is no need to wade into dangerous water or get your feet wet to retrieve the only fly or spinner working on the day. Contact custombuild@strikebacktackle.com.au for a StrikeBack Lure Retriever sized for a quiver or backpack to your specifications.

The Billabong
The Billabong is constructed from 8 mm solid polyester fibreglass rod. It has strength but ultra lightness, which makes it delightful to use and is best suited to still water use. The thin profile and ultra smooth fibreglass surface of all StrikeBack Retrievers, reduce water resistance and significantly increase effectiveness in current. In still water, the Billabong easily retrieves lures beyond 6 metres (20 feet) and can still handle deep lures in moderate current.

All StrikeBack Retrievers come with small stand-off coils, which increase the retrieval capacity of both the Billabong and Top Ender. Stand-Off Coils are only necessary in extreme current and depth.

Although the Billabong is primarily designed for still water conditions, the stand-off coils significantly increase its current and depth capacity beyond 6 metres (20 foot).

Ultimate performance-Long lasting construction


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