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The StrikeBack Retriever "Top Ender" is specifically constructed to handle stronger current conditions and deeper Lures. It is designed to meet the challenging conditions of the strong run off, of the Northern Australian wet, and tidal conditions of tropical Australia. It will equally meet the challenges of the most extreme conditions anywhere in the World. It is the best available lure retriever for strong current and ultra deep lure fishing.

If you lure fish in a variety of conditions, then consider both the Top Ender and the Billabong for a lifetime of enhanced fishing pleasure and success.

The Top Ender
Top Ender is constructed of 10mm solid polyester fibreglass rod; a 25 percent increase in thickness over the 8 mm Billabong. This small increase in thickness, results in a 300 percent increase in stiffness. The increase in stiffness, overcomes increased water resistance by a factor of 12. This makes the Top Ender, the best lure retriever to handle the most extreme conditions anywhere in the world.
Unlike heavy and thick telescopic retrievers, the thin profile and flexibility of StrikeBack makes it effortless to use in strong conditions. With stand-off coils attached, the Top Ender will retrieve lures considerably beyond its design depth in extreme currents.

Superior performance-Long lasting construction


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