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Special stand-off coils are Photo of Stand-off Coilsprovided with each retriever.

The Billabong is primarily designed
for still water conditions. It is featherweight, making it delightful to use in still water conditions, from boats, canoes or walking the streams. When fishing in strong current, using very deep lures, the more rigid Top Ender is preferred.

When conditions are extreme, stand-off coils increase the retrieval capacity of both Billabong and Top Ender. The stand-off coils are only needed in extreme current or depth, so Strikeback retrieves lures you never thought possible.

By keeping the line taut to the snagged lure, the line itself becomes a rigid structure against strong current. Stand-off coils easily attach to retriever rods by sliding over the threaded male connector. Screwing the rods together keeps the coils in place. Once the stand-off coils are secured to the retriever, the taut line is attached to coils keeping the retriever in a straighter and more rigid line. This is the key to its effectiveness in extreme current and depth.

Why not make StrikeBack more rigid in the first place? Thick aluminium tube although very rigid, cannot be held against extreme current and is easily damaged. Graphite would make StrikeBack 5 times more expensive. Polyester rod used in StrikeBack, is light, strong, semi-rigid and thin. It is the thin profile which makes StrikeBack work so well in strong current. Even without the use of stand-off coils, StrikeBack surpasses the performance of other retrievers. The optional use of stand-off coils, combines with the advantages of fibreglass, to retrieve lures in extreme current and depth not previously thought possible.

The Billabong
  • 8 mm solid polyester fibreglass rod
  • Strong but ultra light
  • Best suited to freshwater impoundments and slow moving rivers
  • Ideal choice for the angler who mainly fishes in fresh and salt water with mild tidal or current conditions.
  • Ideal for canoe, riverbank fishing and walking the stream.
  • The Top Ender
  • 10 mm solid polyester fibreglass rod
  • 3 times stiffer than the Billabong
  • Designed for the powerful run-off of the Northern Australian wet, it is the best lure retriever to handle extreme, tidal and current conditions.  
  • Fast to assemble, long lasting construction, superior design

    StrikeBack Retrievers are made up of 1.5 metre (5 feet) sections, joined with quick connect/disconnect marine grade 316 stainless steel connectors. These are male and female, self locating threaded fittings. Connectors are electro-polished, so retrievers continue to look good after years of use.

    The Billabong and Top Ender retrievers come in standard 3 metre (10 foot) reach, with options to add 1.5 metre (5 foot) extensions to retrieve lures to any practical depth.

    Custom lengths on request to suit special boat length, canoe or backpacking when riverbank fishing or walking the stream.
    Contact custombuild@strikebacktackle.com.au

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