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Setting Up (Strongly Recommended)
  • Once you have retriever at boat, loctite the first two 1.5 metre sections together.
  • Loctite will undo with mechanical pressure to disconnect retriever for storage or transport.

  • Hold line taut
  • Attach retriever to line
  • Slide down line
  • Give lure a nudge
  • Get back to fishing!

Difficult Snags and Recovering Fish
  • Prod past the snag in the area you judge is the direction of the line or fish and feel for the line.
  • Raise the retriever and the line will automatically engage within the coil to recover your snagged fish, or give you further line to slide retriever down to retrieve lure. In the case of a lure you may have to cut the trace, and then pull line through the first snag.
Note: StrikeBack Retrievers Don't Float.

Adding Extensions
  1. Attach retriever to line and slide down line to its full extent, then attach extension.
  2. Un-attach each extension on the way up.

Stand-Off Coils:
Note: For Top Ender®, only necessary in extreme current and depth.
For Billabong®, increases performance beyond design capacity. Attach Stand-Off Coils to the threaded male fitting at each connection. Attach sufficient coils as necessary for the conditions. Screwing rods together keeps coils in place. Attach taut line to coils as you slide retriever down line. This maintains the retriever in a straighter line against current and increases effectiveness. Un-attach line from Stand-Off Coils on the way up.

Stowage (Suggested) StrikeBack conforms to the shape of the side of the boat and is neatly stowed; freeing valuable deck space.
  • Small Boats: Slide the 3-metre section (two loctite fitted bottom sections) into gunwale channel.
  • Large Boats: Consider attaching a length of conduit to the inside of the boat to store retriever.

  • As with all quality fishing tackle, wash down retriever with fresh water after saltwater use.
  • Constant use maintains a smooth finish on coil. Keep smooth with occasional rub with fine abrasive as necessary.
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