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 Michelle's Horse



Michelle caught this "horse" on a yellow Classic Barra, or as Michelle calls it, her Gaden Marvel, because it has caught her more barra than any other lure. We only have one of that colour and it is no longer available, so if we lose Gaden Marvel, life will not be fun on the boat. Fortunately StrikeBack has retrieved Gaden Marvel more than 100 times. If we ever lose it forever, I'll be ringing Rob Gaden to spray a new one, whatever the cost, otherwise, life will not be worth living with the missus.

Back to the point of story.

This 106 cm, horse barra fought in the clear for about a minute before snagging up in 3 places. The braid held and the barra was securely tethered to unseen snags 3 metres under. StrikeBack untangled the braid from two of the snags but we couldn't undo the last. By prodding around the last snag we felt the line and lifted the retriever. The unique line attachment coil of StrikeBack did what it was designed to do and attached automatically to the unseen, and up she came, 35 lb of thrashing barra, subdued by the cushioning effect of the strong fibreglass rod of the StrikeBack Retriever. This is not a once off. StrikeBack has recovered many snagged barra in the same way. It will do the same for any other snagged fish.

With stronger braid in common use, snagged fish are more frequent, so we don't just need a lure retriever, we need a fish retriever. The StrikeBack Retriever does both.

NEWS UPDATE: October 2005 Gaden Marvel lost to fish. Misses not happy!

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