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What they are saying about the StrikeBack Lure Retriever!

Steve Starling, Australian International Fishing Identity

"The StrikeBack Lure Retriever and Iki Jimi spike are both simple, well-constructed and totally functional tools. In the time I've had to road test StrikeBack gear, it works first time, every time... What more can anyone ask?"

Alex Julius, Top End Barra Expert and Editor of NAFA and Barra and Bass

"In my experience nothing knocks a lure off a snag as quickly as the StrikeBack." 
"Great! Once it hits the lure, it's immediately off the snag and you're back in action."

Jim Mortlock, 34 years recreational barra fisherman, Northern Territory

"Since I received a demo StrikeBack Lure Retriever, I have put in many hours at the Daly trying to lose lures on snags and have nothing but praise for Strikeback. I believe it has recovered probably 4 to 5 hundred dollars worth of lures so far (although I did lose a soft plastic at 22 feet as it was out of reach)." Needless to say, Jim now has extensions to reach 30 feet (9 metres).

John Szymanski, StrikeBack Inventor and Fitzroy River Barra Specialist

"Unbelievable when I added it up!... 150 days barra fishing, 20 retrieves a day, 3000 lures retrieved. If you're not getting snagged you're not catching fish; if you don't have a StrikeBack Lure Retriever, you'll run out of lures or go broke."

Steve Dean, seriously experienced recreational sports fisherman, Broome, Western Australia

Dear John,

I write to both thank you and congratulate you on an excellent product.

Everyone who fishes with lures in 'rough country' knows you have to fish where the fish are and to do this it means you are going to get your lures snagged and often lost. I regularly fish rivers in the Kimberley and Northern Territory.  The Billabong Lure Retriever is by far the best lure retriever I have ever used. After spending many frustrating hours with ungainly aluminium poles and lumps of lead hanging off ropes and cords I thought the extra time and effort was just part of the trade off to catch fish using lures. The quality of design and craftsmanship in your retriever has put the joy back into fishing.

It was the simple, little things that impressed me most:

  • It is easy to stow and retrieve from its position within the boat gunwale
  • My wife or I can use it almost one handed, either while driving the boat or manipulating rods
  • Unlike its competitors, it is easy to connect using your unique reverse single coil
  • The light weight and streamlined styling provides incredible feel
I will have no hesitation recommending it to my friends

Regards, Steve

All Fisherpersons are Experts

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