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The worlds best Lure RetrieverOnly StrikeBack Retrievers have these all these:
  • Pole type lure retriever
  • Light, strong, flexible, unbreakable fibreglass construction 
  • Quick Easy retrieves in less than 10 seconds
  • Pushes lures free - no more replacing damaged hooks
  • Saves breaking rod tips on expensive rods 
  • Strength to pull lures free when required 
  • Unique line attachment coil for instant attachment and instant dislodgement of snagged lures 
  • Unique ability to automatically attach to submerged line and retrieve snagged fish
  • Fibreglass rod transmits "feel", especially useful for difficult snags
  • Retrieves lures caught in overhead trees and branches, and your kid's kite as well
  • Instant, single handed, secure line attachment
  • Line does not unattach during retrieve   
  • Strong-thin profile-high gloss rod, more effective in strong currents
  • Effective to over 6 metres (20 feet), tested to 9 metres (30 feet) 
  • Stand-off coils to increase retrieval capacity for extreme current and depth
  • No cords to tangle
  • Tough solid polyester rod 
  • StrikeBack won't deform, crush or fill with water and shower your crew, unlike telescopic aluminium retrievers
  • Ultra light weight for still water (Billabong®)
  • Light weight for fast water (Top Ender®)  
  • Flexible for easy stowage and clear deck space 
  • Constructed in 1.5 metre sections for easy transportation and extension to any depth
  • Idea for canoe, boat or riverbank fishing
  • Custom sizes available, especially for backpacks walking the stream 
  • Custom sizes available to suit specific boat lengths, canoe or shorter backpack lengths. Contact custombuild@strikebacktackle.com.au 
  • Quick connect/disconnect self locating extensions 
  • Electropolished non-corrosive marine grade 316 stainless steel threaded connectors
  • Non-corrosive marine grade aluminium coil
  • Guaranteed for normal use
  • Australia Designed-Australian Made-Australian Owned
  • No steak knives

If your lure retriever doesn't have all these features and benefits, then do a once only in a fishing lifetime upgrade, and purchase  a StrikeBack Retriever Now.

Remember, StrikeBack is an investment for a lifetime of fishing, not just a purchase.


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