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The StrikeBack® Retriever is a pole type retriever featuring a unique line attachment coil
(Patent Pending and Registered Design
The line attachment coil is the business end of the retriever and is matched with polyester fibreglass rods for extension to any depth.
StrikeBack's unique design provides;
  • Quick, single action, single handed, secure line attachment
  • Quick extension to any depth
  • Effectiveness in strong current and extreme depth
  • Unique ability to automatically attach to submerged line to recover snagged fish and lures when line is caught in several places
  • "Clean" feel for retrieving lures from difficult snags
  • Unique coil design instantly dislodges snagged lures
  • Strength when needed, to& "pull" lures from snags
  • Lightness with strength
  • Unbreakable fibreglass construction also transmits "feel" to the user
  • Flexibility and thin profile for easy stowage, saving deck space
  • Portability for canoe and riverbank fishing and transport. Fits in rod holder. 
  • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel and marine grade aluminium coil
Unique Line Attachment Coil
  • Unique line attachment design
  • No moving parts
  • Upward rotation coil - results in unique ability to attach to submerged line
  • Just over one complete coil rotation - Results in simple, quick, one handed line attachment
  • Secure line attachment during retrieve
  • Crafted from 8 mm (1/4 inch), corrosion resistent marine grade aluminium
  • In most cases lures are dislodged by a gentle prod. When required, our coil has sufficient strength to pull lures from snags without deforming
  • The coil, screwed and glued in place. In the unlikely event, the coil is damaged in any way it is easily replaced. StrikeBack guarantees replacement of any coil damaged in normal use.
Retriever Extension
StrikeBack Lure Retrievers are made up of 1.5 metre (5 feet) sections, joined with quick connect/disconnect marine grade 316 stainless steel connectors. These are male and female, self locating threaded fittings. Fittings are electropolished keeping retrievers looking good after years of use.

The Billabong and Top Ender retrievers come in standard 3 metre (10 foot) reach, with options to add 1.5 metre (5 foot) extensions to retrieve lures to any practical depth.

Benefits of Fibreglass
  • Light
  • Strong
  • Thin
  • Solid
  • Smooth glossy surface
  • Rigid with some flexibility
  • Increases effectiveness in extreme current
  • Flexibility allows easy stowage, and keep free valuable deck space
  • Does not kink, crush or fill up with water and shower your crew like telescopic aluminium poles
  • Transmits "feel" of line, lure and snag to the user, especially useful with difficult snags
Stand-Off Coils
Both retrievers are provided with additional small stainless steel stand-off coils which significantly increase the retrieval capacity of the retrievers in extreme current and depth. Stand-offs are only needed to retrieve lures in extreme conditions. The small coils are attached at the extension joins. By attaching taut line to the coils, the retriever is kept it a straighter line resulting in a stronger prodding action. Longlating construction, superior design
 Billabong®  Top Ender®
The Billabong®
  • 8 mm solid polyester fibreglass rod
  • Strong but ultra light
  • Best suited to still water and moderate current
  • Ideal choice for the angler who mainly fishes in fresh and salt water with moderate tidal or current conditions
  • Ideal retriever for canoe and riverbank fishing
The Top Ender®
  • 10 mm solid polyester fibreglass rod
  • 3 times stiffer than the Billabong
  • At 10 mm, thin profile and smooth surface of the fibreglass rod, results in minimal water resistance in strong current
  • Best available lure retriever to handle the run off of the Northern Australian wet and strong tidal and current conditions

StrikeBack is an elegant fishing tool. View StrikeBack Lure Retriever in Tackle Shop Now

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