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 Why the StrikeBack Retriever works so well

StrikeBack Lure Retriever is a pole type retriever with a unique line attachment coil at its business end, matched to solid fibreglass extension rods.  
  • The special design of the StrikeBack coil provides quick, easy attachment to line
  • Coil remains attached until lure is retrieved
  • StrikeBack's coil design instantly pushes lures free but has the strength to pulls lures free 
  • The strength of fibreglass, provides the rigidity to push lures free.  Weight type retrievers with cords, depend on chains or loops to pull lures free, and result in lost lures, damaged hooks and lost fishing time
  • StrikeBack coil has the unique ability to automatically attach to submerged line and recover snagged fish, and retrieve lures when line is snagged in several places
  • Extension rods, joined together in seconds to reach any practical depth 
  • Rods with thin profile, strength and glossy surface, resist current 
  • Aerial lures caught in trees and branches are no longer left behind
  • Stand-Off coils extend the current and depth retrieval capacity of StrikeBack Lure Retrievers 
  • Ideal for boat, canoe and riverbank fishing
    Retriever In Action
  1. Hold line taut
  2. Attach retriever coil to the line
  3. Allow the retriever to slide down the line
  4. Push lure free
  5. Get back to fishing

Typically, StrikeBack retrieves lures in less than 10 seconds. See Video

Benefits of Fibreglass

  • Light-Strong-Thin-Solid
  • Smooth glossy surface
  • Rigid with some flexibility


  • Increases effectiveness in extreme current  
  • Flexibility allows easy stowage, and keep free valuable deck space
  • Does not kink, crush or fill up with water and shower your crew like telescopic aluminium poles
  • Lightness and comfortable lengths for canoe fishing a riverbank and stream fishing
  • Transmits "feel" of line, lure and snag to the user especially important with difficult snags

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